Lynx Corporation

IoT Security Consultant - Lynx Corporation

Lynx Corporation is a security consulting company that specializes in secure IoT edge node design & implementation, secure IoT architecture, and training.

Secure IoT Devices

We have delivered secure IoT edge node designs and implementations with secure OTA firmware update, secure boot, secure communication, embedded TLS, secure operation, and secure element integration.

Secure IoT Architecure

Our IoT securityarchitecture expertise spans from secure on-boarding, secure IoT hub designs, secure IoT cloud communication, IoT device node-to-node security, and IoT end-to-end security.

IoT Security Standards

We are helping to define what the IoT security standards will be. We are involved in writing the security specification for the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) Security Working Group. (

OCF is creating a specification and sponsoring an open source project to allow connected devices (devices, phones, computers and sensors) to communicate with one another regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or physical transport

Our Security Team

Our team is imaginative, experienced, well-informed, and energetic. We can help you secure your IoT devices and IoT architecture.